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Tips for Keeping the Exterior of Your Home in Great Shape – All Year Round
When it comes to your home, keeping the exterior in the best shape possible is just as important as taking care of the interior of your property. Here are some top tips for keeping the exterior of your home in great shape.


Taking care of property fences are particularly important as they designate the boundary lines of your home. Wooden fences can be prone to rotting, so it is a good idea to maintain them by regularly staining or painting in order to create a waterproof barrier. Most garden paints now come in a variety of colours, so it is also an easy way to personalise the exterior of your home and keep it looking great. Sometimes fences can bend and even break in high winds, so if it looks like your fence has seen better days, it may be an idea to replace it completely in order to prevent future problems.


Mucky or streaky windows can make the exterior of your property look uncared for. Be sure to keep interior windows clean and wipe away any condensation that can build up around the edges, especially in colder months. Dirty exterior windows can not only look unsightly, but can also be quietly damaging your property’s exterior too, as rainwater contains many corrosive minerals and particles that can contaminate window frames and scratch the glass. For exterior window cleaning, always hire a professional who will be able to reach those hard to get areas and give your property’s windows sparkling kerb appeal.


Blocked guttering can be unsightly and a real problem from the exterior of your property. Debris, such as fallen leaves, can easily collect in guttering, causing downpipes and gutters to overflow, leading to water damage. Always be sure to have your guttering checked twice a year at least by a professional, with inspections preferably at the end of autumn when trees have finished shedding their leaves, and again after winter ends. A professional gutter cleaner will be able to remove any blockages, helping to keep the outside of your home looking great and provide peace of mind that there are no hidden problems building up in the guttering for the future.

Front Gardens and Porches

If your property has a front garden, or even just a porch, maintaining this area too is a vital part of making sure your property stays in tip-top condition. A fresh coat of door paint can instantly update the look and feel of your property, and ensuring any porch area is free of unnecessary clutter, such as junk mail or umbrellas and winter boots, is a quick fix to making the exterior of the property look more appealing. Whatever the size of your front garden, be sure to weed it regularly and keep bins tucked away or neatly lined up to create a more streamlined appearance. Planting perennial flowers and herbs such as lavender, thyme, peonies and chrysanthemums are a good low maintenance choice that will help keep your front garden looking colourful and inviting all year round.